Oxford Touchstone Lofts

Touchstone Lofts Oxford specialise in loft conversions, as opposed to general building work, which my dad decided was very important when he was looking for a firm to convert our attic last year. As he said why get a builder in when you can get a loft conversion expert for the same cost? Our job

The Designer Permanent Makeup Clinic

Company Description The Designer Permanent Makeup clinic is situated right in the medical district of London, and is fully equipped and registered, to provide the very best of treatments in a tranquil setting. The modern interior is a calming space designed to put the client at ease and aid rapid recovery. The professional staff can

Fast Fundraising NZ

Company Description If you are looking for fundraising ideas for school, an animal rescue or to help a local homeless shelter, look no further! Fast Fundraising NZ are an online company that help groups and individuals to raise money easily, by helping donors to decide how much to give. They do this by providing a