Fast Fundraising NZ

Company Description

If you are looking for fundraising ideas for school, an animal rescue or to help a local homeless shelter, look no further! Fast Fundraising NZ are an online company that help groups and individuals to raise money easily, by helping donors to decide how much to give. They do this by providing a special scratch card to make donating more fun. The customer only has to provide the company with a description of the cause they are aiming to help, and the number of booklets they require. Fast Fundraising NZ will then provide them with a custom design that will give them all the help they need in their endeavour.

Detailed Description

Fast Fundraising NZ provide printed booklets that have a custom printed cover with a photo and description of the cause, that open to reveal a special scratch card. Patrons are asked to scratch off three amounts, and then to donate the total of these. They are only small amounts, with a maximum of three dollars; so the most the patron will be asked to donate is nine dollars, although many have been known to donate even more, after enjoying the card scratching.

These booklets make the fundraising event a lot more fun, and relieve the donor of the problem of deciding how much to donate. Even without a special event, individuals will get better results with a door-to-door appeal, if they can offer people a free scratch card to join in the fun; as long as they promise to pay the revealed amount. This is much more likely to be accepted than simply ringing the doorbell and asking for donations.

This company has recently added an online version of the scratch and help booklet; meaning that fundraisers can reach donors much further afield, and therefore have the potential to raise much more money for their cause. This works by Fast Fundraising NZ setting up a special page for the customer, which they can promote as far and wide as they wish. The page has a virtual scratch card, along with a virtual coin for “scratching”, and anyone wishing to donate can have fun on this page, and then pay directly or with a credit card. The fundraiser will receive notification that a donation has been made, and the donor can add a personal message if they wish. There is also a fundraising “thermometer” with real-time updates, so that everyone can follow the progress of the appeal.

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