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Touchstone Lofts Oxford specialise in loft conversions, as opposed to general building work, which my dad decided was very important when he was looking for a firm to convert our attic last year. As he said why get a builder in when you can get a loft conversion expert for the same cost?

Our job was quite a large one as we were looking to get two extra rooms from our loft space along with a small bathroom. The rooms were to be a bedroom for my brother and the smaller one a home office for my mum. We really needed the extra space, and moving house in would just be too expensive and besides, we like our home in Bicester – I have lived here all my life. Anyway, onto my review.

My dad had lots of initial talks with the boss, who advised him on the best type of loft conversion – a topic as a chartered accountant, my dad didn’t know anything about. Fortunately for my parents, this company were able to do just about everything that was needed, from getting the permits sorted to installing the furniture.

Converting a loft is no small job – larger structural changes are necessary if you choose to have a hip to gable conversion as we did. A hip to gable means the builders have to change the the side sloping roof of the house to a straight wall. Once they have done this, they need to go up from the side wall of the floor below and build two sides to the roof, one at the front and one at the back. It sounds complicated, but if you look at the company website, you will see examples there. This gives you extra room at either end of your loft if you have a detached house like ours. Hip to gable conversions are not feasible if your home is terraced, unless you are at the end with only one neighbouring house.

Considering it was a big job, the disruption was quite minimal, which I really appreciated as I was studying for my A levels at the time. They guys did most of the work from outside, it was only during the last two weeks they needed to come inside and even then they kept noise to a minimum.

Our extension is lovely, and I really like the fact my brother is no longer in the room nest door playing his awful music day and night without headphones.

Thank you Touchstone!

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