The Designer Permanent Makeup Clinic

Company Description

The Designer Permanent Makeup clinic is situated right in the medical district of London, and is fully equipped and registered, to provide the very best of treatments in a tranquil setting. The modern interior is a calming space designed to put the client at ease and aid rapid recovery.

The professional staff can offer a variety of treatments with the utmost confidentiality.

Detailed Description

Permanent make up is done using the tattoo method; microscopic dots of colour are added to the skin, to provide a permanent made up look. For instance permanent eyeliner involves the permanent colouring of the eyelid at the base of the lashes; providing a perfect eye line and saving time and money in daily applications of regular eyeliner.

The same can be done for the mouth, by applying a firm line around the lips; to either enhance the lip line or even to improve it, in the case of very narrow lips. In this way the mouth can be given a much fuller appearance, and the rest of the lips can also be coloured in if required, to give a permanent appearance of lipstick.

The same tattooing technique is used for eyebrows; to add colour, volume and shape to sparse eyebrows, or to provide a full set where eyebrows have been lost through illness or cancer treatments.

The Designer Permanent Make up clinic also provides dermarolling treatments. This involves the use of a roller with tiny needles all over the surface, which create tiny pinpricks all over the dermis; thus stimulating and tightening the skin. This results in a much smoother look and can help to reduce lines and wrinkles. This treatment is particularly helpful in reducing acne scarring and stretch marks. The same treatment is also used on the scalp, to stimulate hair growth.

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